Need a soundtrack for your next video project, we can write, record and produce that.

Ok, soundtracks have to start with an initial idea. This could follow a piece of video or come from your own ideas and thoughts. It then time to get pen to paper. This is probably the most time consuming part. Once the writing process is complete, its time to start getting the ideas layed down. The image below show the individual audio parts recorded seperately on thier own tracks.

This is where an becomes a song or soundtrack. Once this is complete its on to the mixing stage. Get all those levels in the right place and some EQ, its time to finalize or master the track ready for delivery.

Above the track get mastered with light compression and limiting, also any EQ that it may need.

We are currently producing soundtracks and soundscapes that can be used for all manner of projects. Our soundcloud page is ever increasing in size as more audio tracks become available.

Take a listen at our soundtracks available and follow us on Soundcloud and Facebook to get notification of new tracks.