Music videos


EVERY GREAT BAND HAS A MUSIC VIDEO...FACT........and why shouldnt yours.

Getting your band's look and feel is very important. With more and more band videos on places like Youtube and Vimeo, its easy to get left behind with no media to share around the internet. A video of your band can be easily distributed across all of the social networks with maximum effect and very little effort.

Hotel Infusion

Winners of the 2012 Livewire Battle of the Bands, Hotel Infusion, had the chance to record in the legendry Sawmills Studion in Cornwall and asked us to go along and make a Documentry style/ Music videos of there EP, "Feeling the Outlines". We spent the weekend filming them recording the three tracks that would appear on the new disc. The footage filmed footage was added to there finished recorded tracks and dubbed together to make great looking and sounding video.

Checkout some of Hotel Infusions work on our Videos section.


This band asked us to get involved with a charity single they wanted to produce. The track's audio was recorded in the studio and we got to work on storyboarding the video with one of the band members. After planning locations and particular shots down to the second we were ready to shoot. The video was shot in Wembury local Hall and featured the band playing on stage. The finished video was available for download from Itunes and Amazon aswell as the video on Youtube.