• High end Mac editing
  • Soundtrack Production
  • Live event filming
  • Script based projects
  • Audio editing
  • Song production

Caw Productions



Video promotion is todays best way to promote anything. We can provide a visual promotion solution to get your Company, Products, Band or Equipment.

Music Videos

Video record your studio session or produce your next music video ready for distribution via Youtube or Social networks at the same time as you lay your audio tracks. A great way to get your music out there.


Need a soundtrack? For film or a video projects, Cawproductions write, record and produce soundtracks of all genres via a network of session musicians. Why not check out our soundcloud page, located at the top of the page to hear some of our work.

Custom Projects

Whether is Surf, Skate, BMX or a Bespoke project that you need video production on, we can sort this. From Freesports to Theatre work..we have got it covered for you.